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Wedding DJ And Sax

Are you looking to create a party atmosphere like no other? Our DJ and Sax combo will ignite your DJ set-list with a rip-roaring live performance that your guests will never forget. Working with the DJ, our live saxophone player will add crowd-pleasing energy to each song, from club anthems to contemporary pop songs. Proving to be one of our most popular offerings, this unique pairing guarantees an evening of excitement, passion, and floor-filling dance classics.

What Are the Benefits of DJ & SAX?

You can experience first-hand what Sax on Fire can do at your wedding and what we do best:

The X Factor

Every couple wants their wedding to be the best wedding their guests have ever attended; our rip-roaring saxophone solos not only bring the wow factor but the X factor too.

Interactive Performance

We don’t believe in static playlists; our sax player will join the dancefloor and fully interact with your guests.

There Ain’t No Party Like a Saxophone Party

It has been proven that the addition of the saxophone player can keep the party going much longer than the standard DJ set, and this is something we can guarantee.

An Experience Like No Other

Why give your guests the standard wedding fare? Why not transform your wedding party into the best party of their lives? Give them something to remember, something unique, and something worth talking about, long past the music has ended.

Sax DJ Prices:

Avail of our special offer of €750 when the DJ and Sax option is booked with our band. Please enquire for our stand-alone wedding DJ and Sax prices.

Wedding DJ & Sax Promo Video

See firsthand how our DJ Sax will play and entertain at your wedding. This proven winning combination will guarantee a jam-packed session of floor-filling anthems, giving you and your guests an evening to remember.

Wedding DJ And Sax

Naturally, nightclubs tend to have a much younger and defined age group. Whereas, weddings have a much broader age group. So a different approach to Sax and DJ should be considered when entertaining in the context of a wedding.

Top 25 Must Have DJ And Sax Player Songs For Your Wedding


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