Wedding Band Showcase | Sax on Fire Band


What You Can Expect From Our Wedding Band Showcase

You can experience first-hand what Sax on Fire can do at your wedding and what we do best:

We’re Born Entertainers

At our showcase, we will give you an insight into what we can offer you on your wedding day. The band will perform for 45 minutes that allows you to see how we perform, what we do and the type of music we can play.
We will play a wide range of music from rock ‘n roll to contemporary pop, swing and funk showcasing our wide skill set, repertoire, and the type of entertainment we provide.

Let’s Work Together

After our performance, you will have the opportunity to speak with us and ask any questions you might have in advance. We are here to create the most magical day for you and the best way of doing this is by working together to fulfil your aspirations and give you the wedding of your dreams.

Learn More About What We Do

Talk to us about our special packages and how we can best cater to your requests, from ceremony music to band and DJ. Bring a list of questions, the more questions you have, the more you will learn about what we can offer you.
Tell us about the type of music you like, your do’s and don'ts. With years of combined experience and hundreds of weddings already catered for, we have a wealth of knowledge about weddings and how to make them successful. Feel free to pick our brains and get invaluable insights on how to make your wedding day the best day and party of your life.
Experience the band’s chemistry as they perform live like they would at your wedding day. We want you to get an up-close and personal view of how we perform so there are no surprises on the day.

Disclaimer: There is no obligation to book Sax on Fire at one of our wedding band showcases. The showcase is to give you an insight into what we do. As a policy, we don’t invite potential customers to weddings of existing/current customers since we are committed to providing full attention to our clients on their wedding day. If you were to book Sax on Fire, we would extend the same professional courtesy to you and not invite anyone to your wedding.


Experience  Sax on Fire LIVE 

8th May

9th May


8:00 pm


The Pillo Hotel Ashbourne